Jyoti Taglani, known prefoessionally as Joshiv, created the Joshiv Beauty brand with her passion for makeup, Mehndi, and hair styling. Her expertise within the industry is unparalleled. In fact, Jyoti set up the UK’s first Asian Bridal studio and Training Academy, as well as being the first artist to ever hold the Fastest Henna World Record.


The creativity and professionalism of Joshiv has ensured that her clients have always been satisfied. Having worked on high profile clients, including supermodels and celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra, Joshiv ensures that everyone feels special when treated to the Joshiv Way.


Joshiv’s love of the industry and ensuring everyone feels beautiful and confident has inspired her many students and also her son, Amrit. Amrit, director of Joshiv Beauty, is professionally known as Joshiv Junior.  Discover more about Joshiv Junior here.

Joshiv Way