Jyoti Taglani, known professionally as Joshiv, feels incredibly privileged and honoured to have been able to play a role in the weddings of thousands of stunning brides over the past two decades.

Joshiv comments:

There is nothing as satisfying and emotional as seeing the bride enter a room and her family to be filled with pride and love as she embarks on her new journey. Make-up is external, but the confidence it gives a bride goes far deeper and can change her life not just on the wedding day, but for the rest of her life.

Mehndi, Make-Up and More...
Joshiv understands the process of developing hair and make-up for your wedding is a delicate balance of art and science. She is a great believer in the theory that inner balance plays a huge role in outer beauty and ensures that her clients embrace this approach whole-heartedly, but not alone. She and her team will work with you to advise on key lifestyle changes from the outset.

She says:

We will never ask clients to make such dramatic changes that they can’t follow through for the whole period leading up to the wedding. That just makes them feel unhappy, which is the last thing we want. It’s also important that we’re on hand to help them through difficult phases in the build-up, which can be really stressful, So we’re make-up artists and counsellors at the same time!

Joshiv has played a pivotal role in the fusion between eastern bridal customs and traditions, and western fashion, where the splendour and artistry of Bridal Mehndi adds new dimensions of glamour and beauty to a wedding.

The art of Mehndi has come a long way since Joshiv first started. Jyoti’s vision and creativity are constantly challenged as she remains committed to creating new contemporary designs for her younger brides, whilst staying true to traditions for the older family members, Mehndi art is now supplemented with colours, glitters and diamantes… whatever your style and taste, Joshiv and her team will create a design that reflects your personality and culture.

Boasting a rich expertise in Asian hair and makeup and using customised cosmetics to suit all complexions, Joshiv's expertise guarantees authenticity that are true to the traditions and practices of the east.

She comments:

One of the secrets of our success is that we have always worked with the natural canvas that we have in the form of a bride or a model it’s really important especially with brides that they look natural. This is based on good quality make-up blended and customised for the client. So, for example, rather than just using the closest match foundation, we will blend colours to make sure they are perfect for the client.

Beauty and bridal beauty is an international and multicultural business, and Joshiv is keen to ensure that no-one feels left out or unable to use her services. Cultural understanding and communication are critical and go hand in hand for Joshiv. She ensures that her multi-lingual team are not only able to talk to all generations of a family in a language they are comfortable with, but that her team all understand the cultural nuances of the communities they serve.

Clients needs always come first for Joshiv, and she will travel across the world to attend to the needs of her clients, whether to assist as an event planner for Mehndi hen nights, or providing highly-qualified beauty technicians.

Joshiv Beauty is the one-stop-shop for today’s bride.


Guest Services – Gold Package

Starting from £45

Junior ArtistParty hair and MakeupDone at our studioTravel costs will be additional

Bronze Package


Senior ArtistTravel to LondonParty hair and makeupHair extensions and Lashes includedSaree DrapingJewellery and outfit setting

Platinum package

From £80

Joshiv or Joshiv Junior as your artistTravel to any location in London Party hair and makeupMink lashes and hair extensions includedSaree drapingJewellery and outfit settingAny look you chooseComplimentary Glitter and Diamonte Application to match your outfitCan do a maximum of 3 peopleGroup discounts available of 3 hair and makeup and will be reduced to £80 each