Joshiv Junior is the title of the creative director of Joshiv Beauty, Amrit Taglani, son of the founder, Jyoti. Following in the footsteps of his mother, Joshiv Junior has finessed his makeup, hair, and mendhi skills since the age of 15.


Joshiv Junior has an innovative and creative vision as he is committed to creating new contemporary designs whilst fine-tuning the art of tradition. Cultural understanding and communication are critical to his work to ensure the finest attention to detail.

Amrit’s love of his work ultimately comes down to his love of people:

“There is nothing more satisfying and emotional than seeing a bride embarking upon a new journey with the confidence we can create with our make up, mendhi, and hair styling.”


Joshiv Junior believes in the philosophy confidence to allow your inner beauty to shine, perfecting outer beauty can help.

You can book Joshiv Junior as your artist for many of our services. For more information, please get in touch.